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So Many Doors!

Over my career I've installed or fixed thousands of doors. they keep us safe and the weather out of our homes. In movies they open portals to other dimensions an opportunity, where one door closes another opens. Doors come in all sizes depending your needs. Are you handicap? Then you need a 3-0 door to fit through, or you want a front door 3-0 as well, it will be hard getting a fridge through anything smaller. Laundry room door, then your looking at a 2-8 door that way you can slide in your washer and dryer. Now where it gets tricky Is the bedroom doors, they can go from a 3-0 door to a 2-6 based on all the specs I just described. Bathroom doors are typically smaller, 2-4..... when I say 2, I mean 2 foot, and 4 meaning inches now this can change again if you need it handicap accessible, which would be again 3-0. Small linen closets are typically 2-0. Then you have bedroom closets then it all starts over.....

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